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EUP RoHS testing CQC RoHS certified one-stop service Motorola W18 Test
SVHC test Norway PoHS Test CQC PAHs certified one-stop service PAHs Test
Reliability Test PFOS/PFOA Test WEEE testing Circuit Board Ionic Contamination Test
LED semiconductor product Test Safety certification and Test
״ԪƱElectromagnetic Compatibility EMC Testing China RoHS(Voluntary certification)
Appliances to the countryside" products Test
Microbial Test Food Toxins Test Green Medicine Test ״ԪƱBoric acid and borax test
Aflatoxin Test Food Contact Material Test Preserved Duck Eggs Test Non-edible additives analysis
Medicine test Plasticizers Test Meat and meat products Test Identification of animal food
Food Nutrition Labeling and Ingredient Components Genetically modified (GM) products Medicines and Health Food Test
״ԪƱPapaverineand narcotine PericarpiumPapaveristest Test of monochloropropylene glycol in soy sauce
Common Physical and Chemical Items/Nutrient Component Test Food additives and non-edible substances Test
Dairy products and milk powder test Gelatin Raw Material and Gelatin capsule Test
Ginkgo leaf drugs and supplements Test
GlobalG.A.P. Certification and Test Green Food certification and test
Organic product certification and test Pesticide/veterinary drug residue test
Pesticide/veterinary drug residue test Testing and certification of pollution-free agricultural products
Feed/pet food test ״ԪƱTests for green food products accreditation
Geographical indications of agricultural products Identification of product quality
Environmental Monitoring ״ԪƱEmission monitoring Solid waste Air environment test
Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring Construction projects, environmental protection acceptance monitoring
Listed companies environmental verification testing Environmental management certification testing
Produce original environment certification Gas stations, oil depots, and oil gas test
U.S. CARB certification testing ״ԪƱTests for VOCs in construction material, coating, paints, putty
Test and evaluationservices of occupational health Radiation Protection and Monitoring
Occupational Health and Safety Assessment of hazards in the workplace environment for testing
״ԪƱBuilding material test
Tests for construction coatings Tests for electric wires and cables
״ԪƱTests for wood-based panels used in construction Ventilation and air conditioning system Test
Exterior wall heat insulation system and component material type examination
Test for the building energy saving materials and in-situ measurement
Tests for intensity of illumination and power density
״ԪƱWater quality
Water testing Drinking water testing Mineral Water Testing Secondary water supply test
Secondary water supply test Detection of ship's ballast water Industrial boiler water test
Automobile Test ELV test VOC test Fogging test
Odor Test Tests of child safety seats    
Textile test
Textile testing Shoes/leather testing AZO dyes Test
Consumer goods
DMF Test Detergent Test Antibacterial material Test VOC Test
Daily consumer products test Domestic non-special-purpose cosmetics registration and Test
Bags and Suitcases inspection Test of antiseptic substancein infant wipes
Consumption tax exemption Test for environmental friendly products, such as coating, paints, batteries
Toys testing
Toy Test CPSC Test ״ԪƱChildren's test Stationery Test
CPSIA/CPSC consumer products test
Freight & Battery Testing
״ԪƱBattery test and UN38.3 test ״ԪƱLarge power battery test GB31241 Tests for batteries
Identification of cargo transportation condition Goods Inspection and factory inspection
Physical property test
Material analysis ״ԪƱMeasurement and Calibration Services
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