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    Food Contact Material Testing

    Commodities contacting with food such as the kitchen, household supplies, food packaging materials, contain hazardous chemical substances which will migrate into the food, and will harm human health For example, PFCs could enter food via anti-oil packaging, which may result in an increase of PFCs level up to 700 times of that of the FDA
    China, the European Union and the United States and other countries have put the appropriate laws and regulations to prevent food contact materials endangering human health As a partner to ensure your product quality, Pony Testing has carried out a comprehensive food-grade contact materials testing according to the requirements of EU / USA / South Korea and other countries Following are food contacting materials stipulated by different countries as reference Pony Testing appreciates your business

    U.S Code of Federal Regulations CFR title 21
    Olefin copolymer Polyethylene glycol terephthalate
    Polyethylene Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer
    Polypropylene Polycarbonate
    Polystyrene Ceramics, glass, enamel
    Resinous polymer coating Rubber/silicon rubber
    Styrene plastics Paper/ paperboard

    EU Codes and Regulations
    Steel/ stainless steel materials Aluminum materials
    Porcelain glaze Cast iron materials with organic coating
    Titanium materials Wooden materials
    Silicon materials Rubber materials or no-stick cladding products

    German Codes and Regulations LFGB 30&31
    Polrvinyl chloride Rubber
    Styrene copolymer Teflon coating
    General-purpose plastics Metals
    Wooden products Nylon
    Ceramics/glass/ enamel

    French Codes and Regulations DGCCRF 2004-64
    Non-coated steel for packaging Glass, crystal, glass ceramic -color ceramic glaze products
    Aluminum and aluminum alloy Plastics
    Ceramics, enamel Rubber
    Zinc Steel and stainless steel
    Glass, ceramic -color ceramic glaze products Cast iron
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