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  • Food/Medicine/ Feed testing service
  • As the leading third-party food testing organization, Pony Testing Group focuses on food safety testing in the food supply chain. Food safety testing and consulting services can be provided from the initial raw agricultural materials to production, circulation and consumption of food. PONY Testing Group can also provide food safety testing services in accordance with food safety standards in China...
  • Special food testing

    Special food refers to food with specific uses such as health foods, Infant formula food, and formulated food for special medical purposes. China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has decided to implement the filing management of the technical institutions that undertake the verification and evaluation....

  • ״ԪƱHealth food safety and efficacy component testing

    The "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Health Foods" will soon be promulgated, there will be laws and rules to follow for the supervision of health foods. Depending on advanced detection technology, PONY can provide thoughtful and meticulous testing services for government regulatory agencies, health care product manufacturers, operating companies and industrial chain suppliers...

  • Green Chinese Medicine Testing

    Green Chinese medicine refers to the pollution-free medicinal plants in compliance with Green trade standards of importing & exporting medicinal plants preparations. China released strict management on the labeling of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Food Contact Material Testing

    Harmful chemicals can migrate into food from substances in contact with food, such as daily necessities, kitchenware, household goods, food packaging materials, and will harm human health. China, the European Union and the United States and other countries had promulgated relevant laws and regulations to revent food contact materials endangering human health. Pony Testing had carried out the testing of...

  • Medicine Testing

    PONY provide the professional testing of nutrient compositionfunctional ingredientsheavy metals, pesticide residues, antibiotics and other harmful substances for food and health care products , and also provide the testing of biological tissue and biological products. PONY lab also has been responsible for the analysis and testing of green food, green Chinese medicine, and research on...

  • ״ԪƱFood additives and non-edible substances testing

    Food additives are indispensable to food industry, but many enterprises will add too much or misuse food additives, and even add non-edible substances, which has seriously affected food security. Pony Testing can testing food additives and non-edible substances based on China and other international standards. We also continue to study the emerging detection methods for non-edible substances...

  • Aflatoxin testing

    Recently, AQSIQ published Announcement on quality supervision in 2011 of 17 Categories of Products, and the results showed that aflatoxin M1 in some liquid dairy products exceeded the limit, which aroused extensive attention from society.

  • Microbe testing

    Microbe testing is an important item of food hygiene inspection. For catering industry and processed foods, microbiological index should be accorded with the national standards. otherwise, they will be dangerous to human health. Pony Testing has extensive international experience in the field of micro-organisms testing, and the cleanliness class of microbiological laboratory was ISO Class2...

  • Food Toxins Testing

    Pony Testing can do testings to detect poisoning substances such as heavy metals, nitrate, nitrite, acrylamide, aflatoxin and others, also providing the testing detection techniques and methods. (Agriculture/veterinary drug residues, please refer to "agricultural products" page)

  • Conventional Physical and Chemical analysis Items/Nutrient Component Testing

    Pony Testing can provide the most professional and authoritative testing of conventional physical and chemical analysis items and nutrient content in food. As the approved testing organization for national pollution-free/green/organic food testing, Pony Testing had accomplished much testing for a lot of food enterprises and accumulated a great deal of practical experience and scientific data.

  • Food nutrition labeling and Marking component detection

    There are mandatory requirements for food nutrition labeling in more than ten countries, such as China, the United States, and Australia etc. The enterprises should pay sufficient attention to it. Pony Testing can provide nutrition labeling testing and design services for food enterprises in accordance with requirements of China, the United States, EU and other countries.

  • Pet food testing

    China's supervision of pet food was began from 2005. With the increasingly frequent of pet food recalls in recent years, the sampling inspection of pet food safety was also strengthened, and the demand of pet food safety related testing has increased dramatically.

  • Feed testing

    The Chinese government attaches great importance to feed safety issues. According to the characteristics of China's feed safety issues, a series of regulations and management methods have been issued, such as the Regulations on the Administration of Feed and Feed Additives...

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