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  • Agricultural product testing services
  • Pony Testingas leader in the food testing field, always walks in the forefront of the industry. Agricultural products are the source of food safety. The constant pursuit of the highest standards of food safety, makes PONY obtain agricultural products/food testing approval from almost all national certification organizations, and can provide one-stop service to clients.
  • Green Food certification testing

    The Ministry of Agriculture takes the developing agricultural products as a long-term development goal;. Green food is safe and high quality luxury brand. Pony Testing authorized by national certification organizations for Green Food testing, and Pony Testing can provide customers with one-stop services.

  • Organic product certification testing

    Organic food is the agricultural by products and processed products, coming from organic agricultural production system, which are produced in accordance with the requirements of organic agricultural production and relevant standards, and certified by legal and independent food certification organizations.

  • ״ԪƱGeographical indications of agricultural products product quality identification

    Pony Testing is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture as a testing organization on quality identification of geographical indications of agricultural products with nationwide effectiveness. Agricultural products of geographical indication are based on ensuring food safety, and focus on product origin in order to highlight the main characteristics.

  • Pesticide / veterinary drug residue testing

    Pesticide / veterinary drug residues are an important affecting factor in agricultural products quality and safety. Our country has strict standards on the Pesticide / veterinary drug residues. Exporters also need to pay close attention to the stricter and stricter standards of European Union, Japan and other countries.

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