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    REACH Directive Testing Certification

      In accordance with national legal provisions related to environmental protection, it is necessary to perform environmental protection acceptance check monitoring to determine whether this construction project meets the requirements of environmental protection after it is completed.

    The related standard
    <Construction project completion and acceptance of environmental protection facilities for monitoring technical requirements>.

    Testing items
    Category Regulations Testing Items
    Ambient air Atmospheric pollutant <Regulations for atmospheric air quality> <Standard for atmospheric pollutant release> Temperature, relative humidity, velocity, SO2, NO2, HCL, CO, ammonia, ozone, formaldehyde, TSP, PM10, TVOC, benzene, toluene, xylene, benzene, HF, HCI, sulfuric acid mist, methyl mercaptan, stinky gas concentration, styrene, isopropyl alcohol, acetophenone, heavy metals (tin, lead, mercury ... ...), non-methane hydrocarbons, soot, smoke black degree
    Drinking water, surface water,underground water, waste water, sewage <Drinking water standard and testing method> <Surface water environment standard> <underground water quality standard> pH, total hardness (by CaCO3), SS, total dissolved solids, COD, permanganate index, BOD5, volatile phenol, fluoride, sulfide, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, volatile phenol , arsenic, mercury, iron, manganese, chromium(VI), cadmium, petroleum, total bacteria and total coliform bacteria, etc.; section flow velocity, river depth, river width, etc.
    Soil, solid waste <Soil environment quality standard> <Solid waste leaching toxicity> TCLP (US EPA 1311 method) Cd, Hg, As, Pb, Cr, Ni and other metal elements in the whole analysis; BHC, DDT, pH, cation exchange capacity, pesticide residue, organic matter, moisture, total phosphorus, total potassium, available phosphorus, potassium, sulfur , organic mercury, water-soluble salt; Hazardous waste leaching toxic, corrosive, acute toxicity, etc.
    Noise <Ambient noise standard 3096-2008> <Industrial factory noise standard> Factory noise, regional noise, traffic noise, noise-sensitive points

    PONY Hint

    Pony Testing has professional qualifications in the field of environmental testing,, and is able to provide various environmental monitoring services for Environmental Protection Check & Acceptance for Construction Projects. We appreciate your business.

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