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  • Physical property test
  • The company has CMA measurement certification, CNAS testing laboratory and inspection organization qualification, and can provide professional physical testing technical services according to the relevant national, industry and enterprise standards.
  • Material analysis

    PONY test group currently has several sets of imported precision testing instrument, can provide the analysis of the quality of the material characterization, performance evaluation and mechanism. Involved in the field of analytical testing services for electronic, communication, machinery, chemical, biological...

  • Reliability test

    Reliability is one of the important quality characteristics of electronic equipment. It is directly related to the availability of electronic equipment and influenced electronic equipment performance . Spectrum from the component level for customers, to the circuit board / module level, climate environment test..

  • Safety testing

    The certification is a product of the user and the environmental protection of electronic and electrical safety and quality certification based on. With the improvement of living standards, is not limited to only the value of affordable and functional product prices strong, and pay more attention to the safety of products...

  • Electromagnetic compatibility EMC test

    With the development of electrical and electronic technology, increasingly complex electromagnetic environment and deterioration of the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products, more and more attention of governments and enterprises. All electrical and electronic products are becoming more and more strict legal requirements. At present, whether in the ...

  • Salt fog test

    Corrosion is the material or its performance in the role of the environment caused by damage or deterioration. Most of the corrosion occurred in the atmospheric environment, containing oxygen, humidity, temperature and pollutant composition and ...

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