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    Toy testing

    Based on the safety and health concern towards toy, testing standards and regulations are set up gradually. Pony Testing toy department could provide comprehensive testing service, and provide accurate testing service according to the latest standards of various countries.
    China as a large toy manufacturing and exporting country has a good sales history around the world. However some of the made in China toys were recalled occasionally, so people wonder why this happened. Because the quality of toy directly related to children health, all countries and organizations set up different safety regulations for toys, with frequent updates. Such as international ISO 8124 standard, EU 88/378/EEC directive and EN-71 standard, US ASTM F963 standard, Japan ST2002 standard, China GB6675-2003 national compulsory standard effective since October 1 2004.
    The quality of toy products, in the fierce international toy market competition, will directly influence the sales of china toy in the market at home and abroad. So domestic toy enterprises shall strengthen quality control and improve product safety and quality. Based on strong technical capability and good reputation, Pony Testing could provide superior testing service as follows:

    Category of toys for testing
    Plush and cloth toy Chemical toy
    Children bicycle Wooden toy
    Plastic toy Electric and electronic toy
    Children toy Ceramic toy
    Clockwork toy Oil pastel and watercolor pen, plasticine
    Paper(board) toy Toy figurine and its clothing, intellectual toy, intellectual musical instrument

    Toy testing items
         Soluble heavy metal content testingLead Pb, cadmium Cd, chromium Cr, arsenic As, barium Ba, mercury Hg, selenium Seantimony Sb etc
         Physical and mechanical capability testing
         Flammability testing
         Chemical properties testing
         Poisonous element of package testing
         Content of phthalates
         Formaldehyde, plasticizer, azo
         Plastic test, pigment test, accessory test
         Total lead

    Testing standards
    EU EN 71 Intl ISO8124/ IEC62115 PRC GB6675-2003
    EU EN 62115 US CPSC PRC GB19865
    EU EMC,R&TTE US ASTM F963-07 Canada C.R.C.,c931&HPA
    EU 2002/95/EC US FCC Australia AS/NZS ISO8124

    Pony Testing Hint
    In order to guarantee the safety of children when playing toys, governments are trying to improve regulations continuously As a member of China Toy Association Technical Standard Committee, Pony Testing focuses on the trend on toy market, and can perform many professional testing services for toys according to the latest standards of different countries More information, please contact us

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