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  • Automobile Service Item
  • Chinas auto industry melting into the global supply chain is the trend of industrial development, at the same time, how to deal with wasted cars economically and protectively, and how to promote the sustainable development of the auto industry have become the focus of the whole auto industry. Pony Testing provides comprehensive auto testing service.
  • Automobile testing

    At present, various countries or regions have developed a variety of environmental laws and regulations; strengthening the management of recycling of scrapped cars, reducing the environmental impact of discarded vehicle and achieving sustainable growth in the automotive industry have become a focus of attention for related enterprises in different country. Pony Testing can provide you with comprehensive automobile testing services in accordance with various testing standards of Europe and the United States and Japan.

  • Child safety seats testing

    PONY is a leading laboratory in the field of testing vehicle parts. The car safety belt and child safety seat crash testing laboratories are located in Suzhou (the PONY headquarters in Eastern China).

  • Safety belt testing

    PONY have joined forces with the suppliers of automotive safety system parts, which have cooperated to set up a seat belt collision laboratory. Pony Testing can provide you with seat belt testing service according to your requirements.

  • Automobile coatings testing

    On June 1st, 2010, the national mandatory standard in automobile industry Limit of Harmful Substances of Automobile Coatings (GB24409-2009) was implemented formally, which means that this standard can be based on for limit of harmful substances of automobile coatings. This standard applies to various automobile coatings, except special functional coatings.

  • ELV testing

    At present, people become increasingly concerned about environmental issues of automotive products. Reducing damage of automotive products to the environment, and protecting the environment and resources, has become the focus of attention of the world's automotive industry. Pony Testing can provide you with professional ELV testing services.

  • VOC testing

    VOC is one of the main reasons that affect in-car air quality. VOC includes alkanes, alkenes, aromatics, aldehydes or ketones and other substances, has a special pungent smell, and some have been classified as carcinogens. Pony Testing can provide you with professional VOC testing services.

  • Auto body accessories texting

    Body accessories are necessary part of automobiles, and play a vital role in safety of car body and in the process of driving, therefore, the quality of body accessories has greatly affected the quality of the whole vehicle body. Recently, with the rising of peoples concerns about safety performance of vehicles, the quality issue of body accessories steps into peoples eyes rapidly.

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