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    Bamboo Products Testing, 2-chlorine ethanol detection in bamboo products

    It is reported that a bamboo label factory in xiamen, China has been detected to be 2-chloroethanol in Japan. Therefore, many buyers of bamboo products have asked suppliers to provide proof that bamboo products do not contain 2-chloroethanol.

    Introduction of 2-Chloroethanol
    2-chlorine ethanol is a colorless volatile liquid, mostly used as industrial solvents, intermediates and raw materials.
    When fumigated with ethylene oxide, 2-chlorine ethanol vapor can be produced. 2-chlorine ethanol hazard: high concentration of vapour to the eye, upper respiratory tract irritation. High concentration inhalation occurred headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, followed by weakness, dyspnea, cyanosis, ataxia, convulsions, coma. Brain and pulmonary edema occur in heavy persons. Can die as a result of circulation and respiratory failure. Skin contact, can appear erythema of the skin; can be absorbed by skin to cause poisoning. Oral to death. Chronic effects have headaches, fatigue, stomach hypothyroidism, lower blood pressure and wasting.

    Tips of PONY testing international group
    2-chloroethanol is flammable, toxic and irritating. The products containing this substance are harmful to human health. As the standards for bamboo products and related products are improved, countries will gradually control this substance.Relevant fumigation disinfection enterprises should start early from the source of investigation, prevent the use of ethylene oxide fumigation and early inspection of products containing 2-chloroethanol.

    PONY spectrum testing group has a standard bamboo products in 2-chloroethanol verification methods and detection equipment, to provide bamboo products and fumigation of the products in 2-chloroethanol detection, welcome customers to consult this demand for inspection.
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