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    Snow seed (refrigerant) testing

    Project background
    Recently, CCTV exposed the quality problem of inferior and counterfeit refrigerant of automobile air conditioning, the qualified rate of refrigerant inspected by sampling was less than 10%, which had aroused widespread concern of the public and the high attention of quality supervision departments.

    Harm of inferior refrigerant
    Automotive air conditioning refrigerant is what we usually call freon, in the market,which is also known as "snow seed" or "refrigerant". Under normal circumstances, the addition of a refrigerant can be used for 3 to 5 years. 134a is a kind of freon, which is widely used in automobile air conditioning as a new environmental protection refrigerant. In addition to 134a, freon also includes R12, R22, R502, R123, etc., but they are not as environmental and efficient as 134a. Therefore, 134a, a refrigerant, is widely used in automobile air conditioning.

    R12 and R22 are two kinds of traditional refrigerants, especially R12, which are destructive to the ozone layer of the atmosphere. As early as 2001, the state environmental protection administration and the state administration of machinery and industry jointly issued a document, which clearly stipulated that from January 1, 2002, all the air-conditioned cars off the production line must stop using R12 and use 134a environmental protection refrigerant.

    On the other hand, the air conditioning system of cars producted 2002 years later was especially designed for the 134 a. If adding R12, R22 and other non 134a refrigerant, in a short period of time, it can keep refrigeration, but for a long time, lightly will leak and result in bad automobile air conditioning refrigeration effect, seriously will cause irreversible damage to the car air conditioning system.

    PONY prompt
    Inferior refrigerant not only has destructive force to the environment and makes reduce the atmospheric ozone layer, still can corrode the sealing ring of car air conditioning system, and for a long time, can destroy whole car air conditioning system. Auto refrigerant manufacturer should eliminate R12, R22, refrigerant product such as the methane of Cl, and auto service businesses should be strict with procurement, put an end to bad refrigerant flow into the market, and actively send vendor products to the third party testing, keep their good reputation, service brand competitiveness, in order to better service to owner.

    In view of the current situation that there is no relevant testing standards, PONY testing group has conducted in-depth research and development of refrigerant testing methods, which can provide customers with relevant testing. If you have a need, welcome to contact!
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