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    Consultation and establishment of energy management system

    PONY TEST can develop special plans, carry out early energy management system certification consulting work combined with the characteristics of the enterprise, and help the enterprise to establish and operate a professional energy management system according to the actual situation of the enterprise, finally help enterprises successfully through the energy management system certification.

    Standards involved:
    GB/T 23331-2009 Management system for energy requirements
    ISO50001 Energy management system

    The significance of energy management system:
    1. Establish a good image of social responsibility and make contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction;
    2. It is conducive to the conservation and rational utilization of energy, the reduction of production (service) operating costs, the growth of economic benefits, and the maintenance of competitiveness in the face of rising energy and resource prices;
    3. It is conducive to meeting the requirements of the market, users and relevant parties, reducing risks of credit and insurance institutions, attracting investment, and promoting product sales and market development;
    4. It is conducive to achieving the energy saving targets set by the state;
    5. It is conducive to obtaining all kinds of national awards and financial and tax policy support. For example, the state gives the organization a policy subsidy of 200-250 yuan per ton of standard coal to save, provided that the organization must have a sound energy management system;
    6. It is conducive to preparing for the certification of energy management system, cultivating talents in energy management and providing effective guarantee for energy management.
    7. Help to overcome the technical trade fort, and even get mutual recognition with foreign countries, get the favor of foreign businessmen, expand international marketing channels.
    8. It is conducive to establishing the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, establishing the confidence of continuous improvement, and gradually forming the self-discipline mechanism of energy conservation and emission reduction.

    The steps for the establishment of energy management system:
    1. Preliminary preparation stage
    2. Initial energy review stage
    3. Establishment stage of energy benchmark and performance
    4. System document preparation stage
    5. Implementation and operation stage
    6. Supervision and inspection stage
    7. Internal audit stage
    8. Management review and summary stage
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