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    Two-site on-site audit and training services

    Background of the two-party review of food/mass consumer goods
    The public is paying more and more attention to food safety.

    The safety awareness of dealers, buyers and production plants is increasing. It is hoped that food safety management will be strengthened through on-site audits. It is hoped that third-party platforms will be used to enhance internal management and regulate food production processes.

    The state has legislated for food production and processing activities and officially implemented it in 2015.10.01, marking the country's increasing emphasis on food safety.

    On January 3, 2017, President Xi Jinping made important instructions on food safety, stressing strict prevention and strict control of food safety risks, ensuring peace of mind and peace of mind for the masses of the people; Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions that food safety is fully built. An important symbol of society.

    Audit basis
    Food Safety Law, General Health Regulations for Food Production, Food Production License Management Measures, Food Business License Management Measures, Food Production License Review Rules, Food Business License Review Rules, Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Law, General Rules for Labelling of Prepackaged Foods, Quality Management System (QMS), Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and other related product safety standards, customer checklists, etc.

    Audit object
    Production side: such as suppliers, commissioned processing plants, etc.
    Channel end: such as Shangchao, chain stores, chain restaurants, hotels and their dealers and agents' warehouses.

    Review content
    Hardware audit: including the plant environment and internal structure, equipment layout and structure, installation, facilities and compliance, laboratory and equipment to meet the testing needs.
    Software audit: including qualification review, premise program management, personnel training plan and related records, SSOP management, food safety key control link management, chemical pollution prevention and foreign matter pollution control, biological pollution control and microbial monitoring implementation, product identification and traceability , supplier management, customer complaint handling, warehousing and management, allergen control, etc.

    Field Service
    From the production sites of agricultural products and food to retail stores and catering, Penny can provide you with a one-stop solution for audit evaluation, testing, inspection and training.

    Food Factory Audit / Supplier Audit
    ● Factory basic license and qualification verification
    ● Factory internal and external environment
    ● Hardware equipment and facilities
    ● Production process
    ● Cleaning and disinfection status
    ● Quality and safety management system
    ● Raw materials, additive supplier qualification
    ● Type and amount of additives
    ● Production management and inventory management
    ● Laboratory management and finished product testing
    ● Employee benefits, staff training
    ● Fire, safety
    On-site assessment of this content

    Supermarket convenience store audit
    ● Personnel hygiene and health status
    ● Work habits and methods
    ● The use of raw materials
    ● Cleaning and disinfection
    ● Label identification of the product
    ● Equipment and equipment use status
    ● Implementation of local regulations

    Catering service, central kitchen or canteen review
    ● Personnel hygiene and health status
    ● Work habits and methods
    ● The use of raw materials
    ● Original accessories supplier qualification
    ● Product sample specification
    ● Cleaning and disinfection
    ● Label identification of the product
    ● Equipment and equipment use status
    ● Implementation of local regulations

    Audit type
    Routine review, that is, periodic inspection.
    Flight audit, that is, no prior notice.

    The company has a professional national third-party auditor and two-party reviewer in the food field. It has relevant professional knowledge and rich field experience, and is capable of providing professional audits and proposes perfect solutions.

    Food/mass consumer goods training and background
    With its expertise in testing, system certification, two-party auditing, and standards, PONY provides clients with special training and customized capacity enhancement services, including open courses, special training, and supplier capacity improvement programs. And seminars, etc. The special training and supplier capacity improvement program can be customized by a professional teacher according to your specific needs.

    Value added service
    Supplier seminar
    The Penny Test can organize special training or seminars for your suppliers to enable suppliers to fully understand your quality requirements. At the same time, through training, discussion and interaction, strengthen the supplier's ability to understand and use quality management knowledge and methods.

    Regular meetings and timely follow-up
    The Penny Project Management team will arrange regular meetings with clients, maintain close communication, and take timely and necessary follow-up actions to meet customer service needs.

    Customer team training course
    Penny can provide technical training to the customer's team, such as providing quality training for products in a certain area to the customer's procurement team.

    Custom service
    As a provider of quality and solutions, Penny is happy to research and design customized service solutions for its clients.
    The service experience provided by Penny:
    ● Centralized technical support
    ● Customized services and solutions for you
    ● Focus on your cost and efficiency
    ● Quick response and follow-up
    ● Close communication
    ● Flexibility
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