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    Inspection and on-site service

    一、Inspection and on-site service
    PONY test can provide customers inspection and field service covering the whole process.

    Factory Audit / Supplier Audit
    The auditor visited the factory for a comprehensive audit, including work environment, production conditions, equipment, instruments, production processes, quality management systems and production capacity, and issued an evaluation report. At the same time, we provide supplier audit services to verify supplier information, qualifications and licenses according to customer requirements.

    Pre-production inspection
    Pre-production inspections are primarily for high-risk products or high-value orders. Inspect the quality of raw materials, accessories, semi-finished and finished products, and verify the products are consistent with customer samples and specifications. Check the quantity of raw materials, production schedule, production status, production capacity, production technology and quality staff arrangement.

    Production mid-term inspection
    Production mid-term inspections are usually arranged at about 10-20% of the production of large quantities. The inspector inspects the finished and semi-finished products and points out possible defects in the production. This type of service helps customers and suppliers identify potential defects early and correct them in the early stages of production.

    Final Production Inspection (FRI) / Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
    Final production inspection/pre-shipment inspections usually  require 100% complete production ,and at least 80% complete packaging. The inspector conducts random sampling according to the standard and checks whether the quantity, style, color, size, specification, hand, appearance, function, packaging and logo meet the customer's requirements.

    100% full inspection
    The service is mainly for the inspection of special batches or high-value products to select the defective products. Separate the defective product from the qualified product and perform rework or destruction.
    Supervision service

    Before loading the cabinet, the inspector arrives at the designated loading location, confirms the loading environment, container status and information, checks the information, style and quantity of the shipped product to meet the customer's requirements, supervises the loading process and methods, and submits photos and records. .

    二、value-added services
    ■ Supplier Seminar
    Organize training or seminars for your suppliers to enable suppliers to fully understand your quality requirements. At the same time, through training, discussion and interaction, strengthen the supplier's ability to understand and use quality management knowledge and methods.

    Regular meeting
    The project management team will arrange regular meetings with the client, maintain close communication, and take timely and necessary follow-up measures to meet the customer's service needs.

    Customized service
    As a professional provider of quality and solutions, PONY is committed to researching and designing customized service solutions for customers.

    Service experience provided by PONY
    ◎ Centralized technical support covering all services
    ◎ Customized services and solutions for you
    ◎ Pay attention to your cost and efficiency
    ◎ Quick response and follow-up
    ◎ Close communication
    ◎ Flexibility.
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