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    Toxicological safety evaluation and functional testing

    People's basic necessities of life, including food, medicine, health food, food additives, cosmetics, daily necessities and chemical products; chemical fertilizers in agricultural sciences, pesticides and pesticide residues; and medical equipment, disinfectants and new chemicals; are required safety test carried out on experimental animals to prove that there are no acute or chronic toxicity and there are no carcinogenic, pathogenic, teratogenic, toxic, mutagenic or disabling effects to human body by the state-designated institution. More than 60% basic scientific research topics need to apply animal experiments, and many researches is impossible without laboratory animals.

    PONY's existing test-level laboratory animal facilities are 800m2, and the common-level laboratory animal facilities are 200m2. Animal experiments in rat and mouse, as well as rabbits and guinea pigs can be carried out simultaneously. The animal laboratory of PONY has obtained the laboratory animal use license issued by the Beijing Laboratory Animal Management Office. With strict quality management system and strong technical strength, it is planned to obtain CMA qualification of toxicological safety evaluation such as food, cosmetics and fertilizer registration, and health food function evaluation, and obtain SFDA, CNAS, GLP certification for pharmaceuticals, pesticide registration and chemical products.

    PONY Animal Laboratory is established in strict accordance with the "Laboratory Qualification Accreditation Guidelines". It has testing and analysis equipment, and testing technicians.  It has the testing technology and comprehensive service capabilities, and can provide customers toxicological safety evaluation of food , cosmetics, fertilizer registration, pharmaceuticals, pesticide registration, and chemical products, and functional evaluation of health foods according relevant standards.

    Barrier facility mouse IVC breeding room
    Rabbit breeding room

    Test items:
    Single and multiple dose toxicity tests (rodent)
    Genotoxicity test (Ames, micronucleus, chromosome aberration)
    Reproductive toxicity test (paragraphs I, II and III)
    Local toxicity test
    Safety pharmacology test
    Toxicokinetic test
    Carcinogenicity test
    Enhanced immunity function test
    Hypoglycemic function test
    Clear throat function test
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