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    Organic product certification testing

    The Ministry of Agriculture takes the developing agricultural products as a long-term development goal; pollution-free agricultural products are the basic conditions for market access. Green food is safe and high quality luxury brand, and organic agricultural products are
    effective means to extend the export of agricultural products. Geographic indications of agricultural products will protect the brand from famous producing area. Choosing and obtaining appropriate certification will strengthening core competitiveness of food enterprises, and ensure food safety in our country.

    Pony Testing always walks in the forefront of food testing industry, and the constant pursuit of the highest standard for food safety makes Pony Testing authorized by national certification organizations for food testing, and Pony Testing can provide customers with one-stop services. Food manufacturers can report directly to the relevant certification organizations with test reports released by Pony Testing

    Organic food is the agricultural byproducts and processed products, coming from organic agricultural production system, which are produced in accordance with the requirements of organic agricultural production and relevant standards, and certified by legal and independent food certification organizations. In 2005, Pony Testing was approved by CNCA as one of the first organic product testing agencies: Nationwide and effective. International organic certification began earlier, and the standards are more stringent, of which Japan, the European Union, Germany, the United States are representative. Pony Testing can also provide international certification testing services.

    Test range
    Crop farming Vegetables, fruits, tea, grain, oil etc
    Animal husbandry Animal products, poultry, eggs, dairy products, etc
    Fishing Various aquatics

    Organic food testing and certifying items
    Testing Items Testing Content
    General component analysis Water content, volatile content, ash, soluble solid etc
    Pesticide Residues Organochlorine pesticides BHC, DDT, PCNB, aldrin, heptachlor, dieldrin, endrin,etc
    Organophosphorus pesticide Dichlorvos, trichlorfon, Rugby, Diazinon, parathion, methyl parathion, methamidophos, acephate, phorate, ethion, isofenphos-methyl, quinalphos , malathion, dimethoate, omethoate, diazinon, monocrotophos, fenthion, chlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifos-methyl, pirimiphos-methyl, phosphamidon, methidathion, fenitrothion, phosmet, coumaphos, etc.
    Carbamate pesticides Carbaryl, aldicarb, carbofuran, pirimicarb, Metolcarb, propoxur, isoprocarb, Isoprocarb etc.
    Pyrethroid pesticides Bifenthrin, permethrin, cyhalothrin, deltamethrin, fenvalerate, cyfluthrin, fenpropathrin, cypermethrin, cypermethrin, cis-cypermethrin, beta-cypermethrin, fenvalerate, esfenvalerate, deltamethrin, etc.
    Veterinary Drug Residues Oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, nitrofuran metabolites, diethylstilbestrol, sulfonamides, Clenbuterol, etc.
    Malachite green and invisible malachite green, crystal violet and invisible crystal violet, PCBs, etc.
    Hazardous Substances Cadmium Cd, chromium Cr, Pb Pb, Arsenic As, Hg Hg, total heavy metals, nitrite, sulfur dioxide, melamine, etc.
    Sensory Index Shape, color, odor, pests, mildew, rot, etc.
    Microorganism Total bacterial count, coliform bacteria, molds and yeasts, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, Streptococcus, Enterobacter Sakazakii,Listeria monocytogenes,commercial sterilization,aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, etc.
    Original Environment Detection of farmland irrigation water Biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, suspended matter, anion active agent, Kjeldahl nitrogen, total phosphorus, water temperature, pH, salt content, chloride, sulfide, total mercury, total cadmium, total arsenic, hexavalent chromium, total lead, total copper, total Zinc, total selenium, fluoride, cyanide, oil, volatile phenol, benzene, chloral, acrolein, boron, Fecal coliform, ova of roundworm etc
    Soil Testing Cd, Hg, As, Cu, Pb, Cr, Zn, Ni, BHC, DDT, cation exchange capacity
    Air Testing Items Sulfur dioxide, total suspended particulates, inhalable particles, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, benzo [a] pyrene, fluoride
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