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    Health food testing

    “Regulation on the Inspection and Administration of Health Food” will be released, while thus health food will have laws to follow in the field of regulation. Based on professional testing technology, PONY can provide considerate and high-efficiency testing services to
    the governmental regulatory authorities, health product enterprises, production enterprises and industrial chain suppliers.

    Health food regulations and testing standards
    “Regulation on the Inspection and Administration of Health Food” (the draft for examination)
    “Adjustments of Scope of Health Food Functions” (Draft for Comments)

    Testing standards
    “Technical Standards for Testing and Assessment of Health Food”
    “General standard for health food” ,etc.
    Test items
    “(The following items are only a part of them, for details, please contact the customer service personnel)

    Functional components

    ■ Crude polysaccharide ■ Total flavonoids(calculated as rutin or eight kinds of flavones) ■ Tea polyphenol
    ■ Adenosine ■ Catechin ■ hlorophyll
    ■ Puerarin ■ Isoflavone ■  L-carnitine
    ■  Cordycepin ■ Total saponins (calculated as Ginsenoside Re) ■  Allicin
    ■ Ginsenoside Re ■ Cordycepic acid (mannitol) ■ Coenzymeq10 content
    ■ Glycyrrhizic acid ■ Melatonin (pineal gland) ■ 10- hydroxy-α-decylenic acid
    ■  Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins ■ Arbutin ■  Matrine
    ■ 10- hydroxy-α-decylenic acid ■  Barbaloin ■  Tanshinone (IA,IIA)
    ■ Caffeine ■  Salidroside ■ Lovastatin
    ■  Chromium picolinate ■ Astragaline ■  Lycopene
    ■ Ginsenoside Rf/Rg/Rb1/Rb2/Rc/Rd/Re  

    Physical and chemical indicators
    ■ Lead ■ Cadmium ■ Other pollutants
    ■  Arsenic ■ Cupper and other heavy metals ■ Mercury
    ■ Food additives    

    Microbiological indicators
    ■ Aerobic bacterial count ■ Mould ■ Pathogenic bacterium
    ■  Coliform    

    Product label
    If you need health food testing service, please contact with us.
    We appreciate your business
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