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    Testing for the building energy saving materials

    Service including:
    Residential buildings, library, office building, theater, hotels, hospitals, museum, exhibition building, transportation building and industrial buildings, as well as in-situ measurement and energy saving system.



    Material Types

    Detection Parameters

    Thermal Insulation Materials


    expanding polystyrene board(EPS)


     Conductioncoefficient,water vapor permeability,water absorption,

    dimensional stability,fusion,oxygenindex,combustibility classification


    extruded polystyrene 


    specification,dimension and allowable deviation,appearance,

    compression strength,water vapor permeability,coefficient of moisture permeability,thermalresistance,thermal conduction coefficient,

    dimensional stability,combustion performance


    Cellular glass product for thermal insulation

    vertical deviation,flexure,appearance defect,dimension and allowable deviation,density and allowable deviation,thermalconduction

    coefficient,compressive strength,upturestrength,specific absorption of volume,coefficient of moisture permeability, compressive strength of perpendicular to the direction of the plate,dimensionalstability,soakage,

    alkaliresistance,frost-resistance,combustion performance


    Dry-mixed thermal insulating composition for buildings

    Appearance,bulkdensity,dry density,compressivestrength,Thermal

    conduction coefficient,shrinkageratio,Pressure-shear bond



    Rock wool products for exterior insulation and finishisyetems

    Appearance,dimension and allowable deviation,deviate of right angle,Flatness deviation,dimensional stability, specific absorption of mass,Hydrophobicity,short-termsoakage,thermal conduction coefficient,

    compressive strength of perpendicular to the direction of the plate,

    compressive strength,combustionperformance,long-termsoakage,

    moisture resistance factor


    Rock wool,slag wool thermal insulating products for building

    Appearance,dimension,anddensity,combustion performance,

    compressiveperformance,compressive strength,workability,specific absorption of mass,Hydrophobicity,water absorption,interbeddedcompressive strength


    Thermal insulating mortar mixed with expanded and vitrified beads

    bulk density,dry density,thermal conduction coefficient,linear shrinkage,

    Pressure-shear bond strength,tensilestrength,compressive strength,

    softening coefficient,combustion performance


     Light weight mortar mixed with expanded and vitrified beads as aggregates

    homogeneity,dry density,thermal conduction coefficient,linearshrinkage,Pressure-shear bond strength,tensilestrength,compressive 

    strength,softening coefficient,combustion performance,frost resistance ,

    tensile bond strength


    panels for interior thermal insulating of the outer-wall

    specification,dimension and allowable deviation,Appearance,surface 

    density,density,watercontent,thermal resistance of main section,shockresistance,Panel shrinkage


    rigid polyurethane cellular plastics uesd in the thermal insulation of building

     limit deviation of the length a, width and thickness,core density

    ,compressive strength, thermal conduction coefficient,dimensionalstability,water vapor permeability,water absorption,combustion performance


    Aluminum foil faced rigid phenolic foam sandwich panels

    Appearance,dimension and allowable deviation,thermal conduction coefficient of core,180°peel strengthcompression strength,

    bending strengthdimensional stability,combustion performance  


    Aluminum foil faced rigid polyurethane foam sandwich panels

     limit deviation of the length a, width andthickness,core density,

    compressive strength, thermal conduction coefficient,dimensionalstability,water vapor permeability,water absorption,combustion performance


    The sanwich panel use for prefab cold store

    Appearance,density,thermal conduction coefficient,dimensional stability,compressive strength,water absorption,oxygen index,dimensional tolerance,bonding strength of panel and core


    Preformed flexible elastomeric cellular thermal insulation

    specification,dimension and allowable deviation,Appearance,surfacedensity,thermal conduction coefficient,water vapor permeability ,

    dimensional stability,Compression resilience ratio,oxygen index


    Composite facing materials for mineral wool’s thermal insulation

    Appearance,length and width,allowable deviation of per unite area,

    water vapor permeability ,breaking tensile strength 


    Bonding powder and ueing expanded polysyrene granule as


    Dry density, compressive strength,softening coefficient,thermal conduction coefficient,linearshrinkage,tensilestrength,tensile bond strength


    Composite insulation panels made of polyurethane rigid foam

    density,thermal conduction coefficient, dimensionalstability,water 

    absorption,compressive strength,tensile strength of perpendicular to 

    the direction of the plate,bendingdeformation,water vapor permeability,

    combustibility classification,thickness of interfacial layer, dimensional stability


    Spray polyurethane foam for thermal insulation(I) for exterior wall

    Density, thermal conduction coefficient,compressive strength,imensional stability(70℃,48h),tensile bond strengthwater absorption,oxygen index


    cement-based  inorganic thermal insulation mortar

    Dry density,thermal conduction coefficient,compressive strength,tensile bond strength,frost resistance,softening coefficient , specific absorption of volume,linearshrinkage,combustibility classification


    Composite insulation panels made of polyurethane rigid foam for exterior wal

    Density,compressive strength,tensile strength of perpendicular to the 

    direction of the plate,thermal conductioncoefficient,water absorption,

    oxygen index,dimension and allowable deviation


    Inorganic lightweight aggregate thermal insulation mortar

    Dry density,compressive strength,tensile bond strengththermal conduction coefficient,linearshrinkage,softening coefficient ,frost resistance,lossrate of the compressive strength ,lossrate of mass


    Glass wool thermal insulating products for building

    specification,dimension and allowable deviation,thermal conduction coefficient,thermal resistance,density and allowable deviation

    Luting Cements



    tensile bond strengthoperable time


    base coat

    Flexibility,shock resistance,soakageimperviousity


     interface mortar

    Flammability after coating on polystyrene board ,tensile bond strength


    anti-crack mortar

    operable time,ratio of bending-compressive strength,tensile bond strength


    polymer waterproofing mortar

    bond strength,ratio of bending-compressive strength,frost resistance

    Reinforced Material


    Alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh 

     mass per unittensile breaking forcealkali resistance,breaking elongation,combustible matter contentfabric density  


    galvanized electric welded mesh

     wire diameterssize of sperturesstretching resistance of soldered joint ,quality of zinc coating


    Alkali resistant coating in base mesh cloth

     mass per unittensile breaking force,alkali-resisting breaking force,retention ratio of alkali-resisting breaking force,breaking elongation



    Gypsum binders

    Appearance,fineness,setting time ,Dry flexural strength,

    Dry the compressive strength,tensile bond strength


    gupsum plaster

    Appearance,fineness,setting time ,Dry flexural strength,

    Dry the compressive strength,tensile bond strength

    Anchor Bolt


    anchor bolt

    tensile standard capacity of A single bolt,The added value of the heat transfer to system by a siglebolt,diameters of Plastic disc

    Testing Standards
    GB/T 6343-2009 Cellular plastics and rubbers- Determination of apparent density
    GB/T 8813-2008 Rigid cellular plastics-Determination of compression properties
    GB/T 10294-2008 Thermal insulation-Determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related properties- Guardes hot plate apparatus
    GB 6566-2001 Limits of radionuclides in building materials
    GB/T 20473-2006 Dry-mixed thermal insulating composition for buildings
    GB/T 5486.2-2001 Test methods of inorganic rigid thermal insulation
    JG 158-2013 Products for external thermal insulation systems based on mineral binder and expanded polystyrene granule plaster
    GB/T 5486-2008 Test methods of inorganic rigid thermal insulation
    JC/T 992-2006 Expanded polystyrene boards adhesive for substrates thermal insulation
    JG 149-2003 External thermal insulation composite systems based on expanded polystyrene
    JC/T 993-2006 Expanded polystyrene boards base coat for external thermal insulation
    GB/T 17671-1999 Method, of t, esting cements-Determination of strength
    JC/T 547-1994 Adhesive for ceramic wall and floor tile
    JC/T 24-2000 Sand textured building coating based on synthetic resin emulsion
    GB/T 9914.3-2001 Test method for reinforcement products
    GB/T 7689.5-2001 Reinforcements-Test method for woven fabrics Part 5:Determination of tensile breaking force and elongation at break of glass fiber
    QB/T 3897-1999 Welded wire fabric coated with zine
    GB/T 1839-2008 Test method for gravimetric determination of the mass per unit area of galvanized coatings on steel products
    JC/T 517-2004 Gypsum plaster
    GB/T 17669.3-1999 Gypsum plasters-Determination of mechanical properties
    GB/T 17669.4-1999 Gypsum plasters-Determination of physical properties of pure paste
    JC/T 1025-2007 Gypsum binders
    GB/T 17669.3-1999 Gypsum plasters-Determination of mechanical properties
    GB 4909.2-2009 Test methods for bare wires - Part 2: Measurement of dimensions
    GB/T 3048.4-2007 Test methods for electrical properties of electric cables and wires—Part 4:Test of DC resistance of conductors
    JGJ 110-2008 Testing standard for adhesive strength of tapestry brick of construction engineering
    JGJ 144-2004  Technical specification for external thermal insulation on walls
    JGJ 110-2008 Testing standard for adhesive strength of tapestry brick of construction engineeringevaluation standard
    GB 50411-2007 Code for acceptance of energy efficient building construction

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